by Bob Scott

Discover a wide array of ways to tackle the difficult implementation of plumbing venting. Manual includes many easy reference illustrations and photos to save you time and money when plumbing venting for your customers.
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Well written, copious and well taken photographs/illustrations a great reference tool for the Plumbing professional and future up and coming Plumbing apprentice/tradesman! Thank you Bob Scott for taking the time in creating this very "needed" and welcomed Plumbing reference book.
-Amazon Customer
It has a lot of information that is useful to me in my current occupation as a Building Inspector.
-Amazon Customer
Excellent product and very valuable in he plumbing field, every one of our vans has this book.
-Phillip Strait
Bob Scott has done an excellent job of explaining plumbing venting in this book. He uses many isometric drawings to clearly show how each type of vent system works. He also uses pictures taken from actual job sites to show common mistakes, and the correct field installations.
If you are a plumber, plumbing designer, plans inspector, or building inspector, I would strongly recommend that you purchase this book. Knowledge of the craft is what separates your average plumber from a valuable and quality tradesmen. Don't hesitate, buy this book!
-R. Theisen

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